Vestmann Islands
Vestmannae Jar
An aerial photograph of Vestmannae Jar as it apeared in 2013
Total Area 7531.52 sq. mi.
Total Buildings 188,288
Total Households 47,072
Population 11,768
Schools Sulnasker Community Schools, North Island Community Schools, South Island Community Schools, Geldungur Community Schools, North Surtsey Community Scools, South Surtsey, Community Schools, Jolnir Community Schools, Syrtlingur Community Schools, Geirfuglasker Community Schools, Hellisey Community Schools, Alsey Community Schools, Brandur Community Schools, Suourey Community Schools, Nort Vestmannaey Jar Community Schools, Central Vestmannaey Jar Community Schools, South Vestmannaey Jar Community Schools, Grasleysa Community Schools, Hrauney Community Schools, Hani Community Schools, Haena Community Schools, Jotunn Community Schools, Orn Community Schools, Faxasker Community Schools, Storristakkur Community Schools, Stakkur Community Schools, Ufsaberg Community Schools
The Vestmann Islands is a small island country located south of of Iceland. There are currently 11,768 people living in the islands.


The Vestmann Islands culture is very similar to that of Iceland's which is due to the fact that it once was a part of Iceland. Most people that live in the Vestmann Islands are Lutherans. Almost no one considers themselves as having no religion. The president of the country is Aoalbjorn Magnusson.

The Great Vestmann MigrationEdit

In the year 2035, immigrants from Iceland, the UK, and Norway began flocking into the Vestmann Islands. The uninhabited islands are now habited including Surtsey, which was originally used for research with only 2 buildings on it. There has been a tremendous increase of buildings on Vetsmannae Jar


Name Population
Sulnasker, Vestmann Islands 875
Geldungur, Vestmann Islands 437
Surtsey, Vestmann Islands 3,586
New Geirfuglasker, Vestmann Islands 165
Hellisey, Vestmann Islands 200
Alsey, Vestmann Islands 437
Brandur, Vestmann Islands 120
Suourey, Vestmann Islands 245
Vestmannaey Jar, Vestmann Islands 5,703

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